Baladi Bread and its Benefits

We get this question a lot: Why is Egyptian Baladi Bread unique? Why do you say it's good for your health?

To truly understand the benefits and uniqueness of Baladi Bread (referred to as Aish Baladi in Egypt), one would need to first understand its history.

Let's go back in history

Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Ancient Egyptians relied on bread for nourishment regardless of their wealth and status. It was consumed at every meal as it provided protein and high fiber.

So much so, that a saying in Egypt that's traced back to ancient times goes:

"He who has bread and something to dip it in has the whole of happiness."

The tradition carries on today in Modern Egypt where bread plays an essential role in every meal. The baking method and ingredients have not changed. Baladi Bread still plays a central role in the Egyptian kitchen.

It was so important that the Egyptians called it 'Aish' which translates to 'Life'. 'Aish Baladi' as a whole translates to 'Authentic or Traditional Life'. It's the sign of family love, hospitality and friendship. Sharing bread is a sign of trust and companionship.

But what is so unique about Baladi Bread?

While at a quick glance it may resemble pita bread, its taste is unlike any other. Made from 100% whole wheat, not only does it taste good, but it's very nutritious and healthy.

  • Has a unique taste and aroma. Because of the way it's baked and its natural ingredients, we guarantee you a taste unlike any other making it perfect for any meal. Egyptians have it with Falafels, Kofta, Shawerma, Hawawshi, Cheese and ... well, everything really.

  • The bread is made with 100% whole wheat flour. Not only do you get high nutrients and fiber, but also benefit from lower risk of heart diseases obesity and stroke.

  • It's naturally vegan which means it's perfect for most dietary needs.

  • It is naturally free of artificial preservatives, dough conditioners, soy and corn syrup. No harmful artificial conditioners like Potassium Bromate or Potassium Iodate. Our family wants healthy food and wants the same for you.

So all in all ...

We are proud to bake Egyptian Baladi Bread right here in the heart of Washington daily and would like to invite you on our journey to provide fresh, healthy, flavorful bread to all Washingtonians.